How to Fix a Broken Tooth

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The teeth may suffer from a multitude of issues ranging from yellowing, chipping, change and decay. Depending on the severity of the problem, you may be able to fix your teeth at home or may need to seek help from a dentist.

Fix a Broken Tooth


1 See various options for teeth whitening. There are many reasons why teeth become discolored smoking, taking certain medications and genetics all play a role in tooth discoloration. For minor problems, there are many options in home tooth whitening, to choose from. There toothpaste teeth whitening strips, whitening kits purchased at the store or procedures your dentist or hygienist can provide or recommend. The determining factors are what can happen, the amount of discoloration present and how strongly you feel about the appearance of their teeth. Toothpaste and whitening strips can cost anywhere from $ 4 to $ 15, while bleaching kits can run up to between $ 25 and $ 40. Having your teeth whitened by a dental professional can cost anywhere from $ 200 to over $ 1,000, depending on the number of procedures are required.

2 Investing in straightening teeth. If your teeth are crooked, you might need braces or Envisaging (clear retainers) to straighten out. Most of the time, braces are for children and adolescents, while the Envisaging system is geared toward adults. When teeth are moved out of alignment that can affect not only yourself but can inhibit daily activities such as eating or talking. In addition, pockets of decay prone probably between crooked teeth and closest to them straight. Have your teeth straightened almost always be done by a dentist or orthodontist as it is a complicated procedure in depth.

3 Discuss the option sheet. If teeth are chipped or broken cracked in a visible area of the mouth, veneers can mask defects. They look completely natural and no one can tell the difference between the sheet and the natural tooth. The major drawback is cost. They can run up to $ 1,000 per plate and as it is a cosmetic procedure, most dental insurance plans will not cover any of the costs.

4 Get regular cleanings from your dentist. If you have your teeth professionally cleaned at least once every six months, this will prevent many costly procedures. Regular cleaning teeth can cost anywhere from $ 50 to $ 100. But if you have not been to the dentist in a while, you may need to get a thorough cleaning. A dentist or hygienist may have to scrape your teeth after a portion of your mouth is numb. These factors can lead to cost between $ 125 and $ 200 and the procedure may have to be repeated depending on how much time has passed since his last professional cleaning.

5 Prevention is the best method of all. You can prevent expensive dental, painful work, maintaining, cleaning daily dental regime healthy. Always brush at least twice a day and floss once a day. If possible, brush your teeth immediately after meals. When consumption of drinks such as soft drinks, coffee and fruit juice or eat sugary foods, always rinse your mouth with water afterwards. These types of foods and beverages can break down the enamel and cause tooth decay if they continue on the surfaces of the teeth and between the teeth too long.

Tips & Warnings

Although whitening and veneers are considered cosmetic and can therefore not be covered by insurance, professional cleanings, braces and Envisaging retainers are usually.