5 Natural Ways to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

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Are you able to run as fast as you were doing 20 years? Give a kick to the ball and that reaches as far as before? Do hit the ball of tennis with the same speed?

Erectile Dysfunction

Surely not.

Although we grow older, still having many ways to continue playing and passing it well. Something true both in sports and in the sexual life.

Erectile dysfunction (DE) can be due to many reasons. Sometimes it's just the side effect of a medication but for almost 75% of men is due to a more complex cause. The of can appear by a neurological, vascular disease or diabetes, or as a result of treatments or surgeries related to the prostate.

Whether you suffer from as if you want to avoid it, the following tips will help you improve health and sex life.

1. Start to walk
According to a Harvard study, 30 minutes of walking a day reduces a 41% risk of. Other studies claim that moderate exercise helps recover the sexual performance in obese middle-aged men with of.

2. Eat well
The Massachusetts Male Aging Study (survey of Massachusetts male aging), found that a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, fish, whole grains (and with a lower presence of red and processed meats and refined grains) reduced the chance of of.

More advice: a chronic deficiency of vitamin B12 promotes erectile dysfunction. Therefore, daily multivitamin and reinforced food are the best allies for those people who have problems absorbing vitamin B12, as many older adults.

3. Pay attention to vascular health
High blood pressure or high levels of sugar, cholesterol or triglycerides can damage the arteries of the heart (causing heart attacks), the brain (causing apoplexy) and penis (what causes of). Also contribute to this low levels of LDL cholesterol (good) and a very wide waist. See your doctor to find out if your vascular system (and, consequently, the heart, the brain and penis) is in good shape or if you need to make changes in lifestyle or medication.

4. Size matters, so lose weight and stay on your weight.
A thin waist is a good defense, as a man with a diameter of 106 cm has 50% more likely to have that one with a waist of 56 cm. have a healthy weight and maintain it is a good strategy to avoid or fix the of. Obesity raises the risk for vascular diseases and diabetes, two of the main causes of, and excess fat interferes with various hormones that can also be part of the problem.

5. Move a muscle, but not the biceps
A strong pelvic floor improves the rigidity of erections and helps the blood does not leave the penis pressing a key vein. A trial was conducted in Great Britain in which two daily series of Kegel exercises were carried out for three months to strengthen these muscles and merged with biofeedback and changes in lifestyle, such as quitting smoking, lose weight and limit alcohol consumption. This combination worked far better than only the change in lifestyle.