4 Simple Steps to Stop a Panic Attack

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Panic Attacks Are Common
Many people suffer from frequent panic attacks and live their lives avoiding situations that cause fear in most cases is irrational. With this simple technique using the four steps, you can learn to stop a panic attack in as little as three minutes.
Stop a Panic Attack
Panic Attack

What is a panic attack?
A panic attack is a condition in which an excess of adrenaline enters your bloodstream. A message of fear tells your adrenal glands that there is an emergency.

The adrenal glands are triangular glands the size of a pea located in the anterior part of the kidneys. They're full of adrenaline that enters the bloodstream when your body increases its ability to respond to an emergency. Which your body responds this way causes physical symptoms that many people confuse with a heart attack or other serious physical condition. The misinterpret these symptoms can cause the fear response continue.

This is the process
Adrenaline causes the heart to pump more blood which is received by all the major muscles to increase your ability to run faster and increase the strength in his arms. The brain also receives more blood to increase their ability to respond to an emergency.

It takes three minutes from the time your brain sends the emergency signal until your body is full of adrenaline with more blood in the muscles of his arms and legs and brain. In that period of three minutes you will feel your heart beat stronger and blood flow throughout your body. For while their adrenal glands continue to receive the emergency message, they continue to produce adrenaline and unloading. When the brain fails to send the distress signal, your adrenal glands stop adrenaline rush.

It only takes three minutes to stop a panic attack
It only takes three minutes for your adrenals fill your body with adrenaline. And it only takes three minutes for your body to stop the reaction of adrenaline. If you stop a panic attack when it starts, the reaction has to only last three minutes.

It's very simple
The stop a panic attack is very simple. All you have to do is stop the emergency message they are getting their adrenal glands. Learn the four steps and your panic attack it will only last three minutes. Once you understand how this works, you never have to again suffer a panic attack again.

Learn These Four Simple Steps
If suffering from panic attacks is a recurring problem, note these four steps to the front of a card with a list of reassuring phrases behind. Mark it with strong colors that make it easier to find in your purse or wallet. Take it with you wherever you go until you memorize the steps and know them very well. Study these steps and learn them in advance. If you get an attack of panic, take your card immediately and follow the steps exactly. Once you learn the steps you no longer need from the card.

Full resolution
If you suffer from panic attacks often I suggest that you work with a practitioner of NLP (NLP) to resolve the cause of their anxiety. You deserve to live free from anxiety. Resolving what causes anxiety in a permanent manner is one of my areas of expertise.
Four Steps:
1. Relax
2. Stop Negative Thinking
3. Use reassurances
4. Accept Your Emotions

So they are implemented:

Step 1. Relax
Relax by taking slow, deep and full breaths. Calm yourself to remember that only you are giving a panic attack and it is not happening any more serious than that. Continue breathing slowly, deeply and completely. Slow, deep breaths and relax your whole body which is the first step to stop the excess adrenaline fill your body.

Step 2. Stop Negative Thinking
Stop negative thoughts by shouting the word "STOP !!!" so strong in his head. To shout the word "STOP" you are interrupting the emergency message that your brain is sending to your adrenal glands. Often people having a panic attack get into a vicious circle themselves catastrophic repeated phrases over and over in his head. The interrupt this vicious cycle gives you the opportunity to replace the scary message with one of calm.

Step 3. Use reassurances
A reassuring statement is a positive phrase that is as strong or stronger than the catastrophic phrase that you used to create fear within you. Replace the negative thought with a positive one. Choose a phrase that contrareste negative thinking.

For example, if you think you are giving a heart attack (a common fear during a panic attack) then perhaps you are repeating the following mentally, "O God, is giving me a heart attack" or "I I will die, my God, I'm going to die! " After you shout "STOP!" reemplazca immediately fear that thought with a positive phrase that will help control the situation "is just giving me a panic attack and end in three minutes if I relax" or "My fear is causing my heart to beat stronger, my heart is fine. "
If you are walking down a street and is afraid to hear someone walking behind you, you could say, "I walked this street hundreds of times" or "I walk alone on this street every night when I go way home after work, what I'm hearing behind me is another person who is walking home after work. "
Other reassurances could be "I passed this experience many times and can do it again" or "I'm fine, everything's fine."

Think of all the scary thoughts that cause panic and then make a list of reassurances that you can read when it needs instead of thinking about them when you are giving a panic attack.
Note: If your response to fear is a real danger, I would suggest that you consider choosing new ways to handle those fears. If you are concerned about your health, consult your doctor.

Step 4. Accept Your Emotions
Accepting your emotions is very important. Minimizing this experience usually only serves to repeat.
Start by identifying that emotion is feeling. Most panic attacks are caused by the emotion of fear or a variation of fear. Identify that emotion is feeling and find a reason why you feel.

Give validity to what you are feeling and the reason for it. If you are giving a panic attack before giving a speech, then you feel afraid because it is something that causes fear. Feeling fear of being in front of an audience is a common cause of fear and panic. If you feel afraid that you are giving a heart attack, it is valid to feel fear of that. If you are afraid to hear the footsteps of someone walking behind you is reasonable to be afraid that something bad might happen.

In all these cases take the necessary precautions. Visit your doctor regularly to confirm that your heart is healthy. Walk on a well lit street and be aware of your surroundings when walking. Walk like a warrior and not a victim. These important precautions to ensure their safety. Then, when you use a calming phrase that reminds you that you went to see his doctor recently and that his heart is right, and you can ensure yourself that does not have to be afraid knowing that you are safe and sound.
Fear is a positive emotion that reminds us to take care of ourselves. Pay attention to your emotions, take care of yourself, and keep your emotions in proportion to the situation to keep everything in perspective.

Many people no longer suffer from panic attacks after learning these steps. However, there is a more powerful solution to permanently resolve the anxiety and panic responses and give happiness and freedom on their emotions. Your mind has the power to influence in a very powerful way their negative situations strategies. By using hypnosis or NLP (NLP - a powerful way to change or enhance their cognitive process), we can achieve any goal, resolve any problems and create excellence you want in every area of your life.

You can become the person you want to be.

Natural Treatment For Kidney Failure

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Renal failure or kidney failure occurs when the kidneys are not able to filter toxins and balance the fluids of the body.
Many people suffering from chronic kidney failure don't know it because symptoms tend to be imperceptible. We explain what these symptoms to detect it and some natural remedies for treat it.

Natural treatment for kidney failure
kidney failure

Possible symptoms
These signs should alert us to go to the doctor so that you assess our case.
1. Urinations disorders
2. Swelling
3. Fatigue
4. Skin rash and itch
5. Metallic taste in mouth
6. Similar to ammonia breath
7. Nausea and vomiting
8. Difficulty to recover breath
9. Feeling of cold
10. Dizziness and lack of concentration
11. Back, side or leg pains

The psycho emotional factor
According to traditional Chinese medicine, the kidneys are organs related to fear: fear of the future, to the death, illness, loneliness... These issues can help prevent or improve a failure chronic renal if we treat them in time with the help of a therapist or natural therapies, since they are showing we are not managing well some emotion and this us physically is damaging. If we also have genetic factors will bear this point in mind

The most simple and natural remedies are always balanced eating, and renal failure is recommended a diet rich in these foods, vegetarian trend:

  1. Seasonal fruits
  2. Vegetables
  3. Legumes
  4. Whole grain cereal (rice, oats, millet, quinoa, bulgur, etc.)
  5. Nuts and dried fruits
  6. Seeds

Protein should be limited, especially of animal origin, since it implies a strain to the kidneys.
We also restrict the consumption of salt, especially table salt, and instead will consume small amounts of salt sea or Himalayan salt. Or even better, salerooms meals with sea water, for sale in herbalists.

Daily, we will also prepare onion broth, which help reduce swelling of any organ affected. We surrounded onions with water and go drinking short SIPs throughout the day.

Medicinal plants
There are some herbs that would agree to take large profits on the renal system, preferably in summary, they are the following:

  1. Mallow 
  2. Horsetail
  3. Corn stigma
  4. Grass
  5. Bearberry
  6. Arenaria

Home remedies
We present two simple to prepare at home remedies, but we will need another person to do them ourselves. They can be daily to notice improvement.

  • We surrounded water with ginger root and put a towel in this decoction. Place a dry towel, then that we have wet, along the spine, back and uppercase it with another dry towel. We will leave to act for 5 minutes. It will still be more effective if we ended it with a massage
  • Another remedy is to make wrappers in the same way (can be just hot water, ginger) but by the entire body, giving heat to all areas without exception. There can be no cold or exposed areas or air currents. We will leave the person for 45 minutes so that sweat and release to the kidney.

Therapy with suction cups
Therapists specialized or, in some cases, ourselves can be performed with suction cups or cupping therapy. Just get a few cups (sold in specialized stores of natural medicine and therapies Oriental) and place them in the zone corresponding to the kidneys, approximately at half back.
Surely if we touch doing a bit of pressure we will notice pain or discomfort. We will leave the suction cups to act ten minutes. Then possibly they will leave some visible marks, the result of inflammation of the kidneys, which will disappear in a few days.

The kidneys are organs that tend to cool off, and therefore when they don't work properly they need heat and energy. The most natural and healthy to give it is by doing sun bath in the lumbar area. We will expose your back to the sun in short periods of time, between 10 and 20 minutes, because if it could do the opposite effect and cause even more fatigue. What we will do, preferably first thing in the morning or at dusk.

Before making any therapy or taking any natural supplement, especially if you take medication, we recommend consulting with a trained therapist.

How To Recover From Alcohol And Drugs

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Drug and alcohol addiction wreaks havoc in the lives of the abusers. Addicts tend to affect the people in their environment with their addiction and the consequences of their actions. The recovery of the drug and alcohol addiction is a long and wrenching process. The amount of work that involves many addicts sends back to the glass effects of the drug of their choice. Self-help programs, religious communities and support groups have proven to be effective for those who are willing to set aside the drugs and the alcohol completely.
Recover From Alcohol And Drugs
 Alcohol And Drugs


1. Stop using the substance you're addicted a. consult a local Detox about admission Center to rid your system of drugs or alcohol you use. Detox centers you will normally accepted for at least three days to ensure that your system is free from addictive chemicals.

2. Use the Internet or a phone book to find a group of local support or communion of recovering drug addicts or alcoholics. People will understand are the ones who have made the same changes that are on the verge of doing.

3. Attend meetings with the group that has chosen, and try to get in contact with someone from your group at least once a day. Surround yourself with people who can help, not anyone who has used drugs or alcohol with.

4. Be aware of the corrosive relationships. Corrosive relationships are those that present co-dependent characteristics, situations of abuse and emotional stress. The more tasks you focuses on the less focus will have for each task. Their task no. 1 at this time is the recovery.

5. The works on his defects of character admit a person's support of your group or with a counselor. Talk about problems or concerns are a useful tool in self-improvement.

6. Start to repair the connections with their loved ones once you have remained sober for six months m, and explain why act as it did when a substance is used. This is an m s dif n. recovery easy party Family and friends may not understand and may have their own reasons to discontinue its n relationship with you. This is one of the consequences which must take responsibility for.

7. Contain and remain sober and remain active in support groups. Other drug addicts and any silverware can benefit from their experience and positive results. To support the deem s is also a way to stay active in the support group, as well as a way to build confidence in himself.

How To Get Lighter Skin At Home

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To clear your skin are not necessary the expensive trips to a dermatologist or to the pharmacy to buy lotions or creams. Whether you want to match your skin or lighten some areas affected by too much time in the sun, you can do it with some ingredients of proven quality and that have been used for centuries. The best part is that you probably have at this moment, in your refrigerator. Continue reading to learn how to lighten your skin in your home.

How to get lighter skin at home
lighter skin

1.    A lemon
You should know that the lemon juice has been used since ancient times to lighten and brighten the skin. The citric acid in lemon juice promotes the clearance and is a natural antioxidant. Use a cotton ball to apply it on the skin, in the evening or just before going to bed. Avoid exposing yourself to the sun immediately after applying the product as the skin may become more sensitive and cause even more damage. If your skin is very delicate, try diluting the lemon juice with water. If this is by removing your skin, apply a moisturizer immediately after.

2.    A papaya
You should know that the papaya is another useful ingredient for skin lightening. Papa in, an enzyme that is found in this fruit, exfoliates the skin naturally and help to speed up its renewal process, which will generate a more even-toned and smoothness. You can make a mask by stepping on a papaya and applying it directly on the skin. Leave it for 10 or 20 minutes and then Rinse. Put on a moisturizer soft to retain the smoothness of the skin.

3.    Yogurt
Keep in mind that the lactic acid that can be found in dairy products helps to renew the cells of the skin, leaving it clearer and brighter. Perhaps you have purchased products that contained this ingredient in the past. Why not go to the source? The yogurt can be applied directly on the face as a mask from 10 minutes up to half an hour. Rinse and apply your favorite moisturizer. The whey is also a source of lactic acid. Mix half a cup of buttermilk with a couple of tablespoons of oatmeal and use it as a face mask or as a gentle exfoliate.

4.    Whey
Apply sunscreen daily on any part of the body that may be exposed to the sun. This is the most common cause of the skin blemishes and darkening. An exposure without adequate protection can rapidly reverse the results of a treatment lightening. It is recommended that you use a sunscreen with a protection factor of at least 15, if you use more it will be even better. You must re-imaging the throughout the day for maximum protection.