How to Cope With Herpes Using Natural Ingredients

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Herpes is a disease that primarily attacks the skin. As there are types of herpes virus that have been infected and where were developed:

How to Cope With Herpes Using Natural Ingredients

* Herpes Simplex Type 1 (HSV-1) this virus is a derivative of the varicella virus zoster which attacks us in childhood but is not the same, so it should not be confused.
Normally this virus attacks the face, mouth, lips and upper part of the body like the chest and back.

* Herpes simplex type 2 (HSV-2) this type of virus often occurs in the lower part of the body especially in the genitals by a sexually transmitted disease.

We must bear in mind that both viruses may also attack areas genital if they have direct contact with the lesions caused by these viruses.

All this can be avoided keeping the immune system strong and healthy for this you must eat well and avoid consuming items that are not conducive to your health.

Through this article learn with that herpes cure using natural remedies made from herbs which will accelerate the process of healing and regeneration of the skin that has been damaged by these viruses.

How to cure herpes? - Using herbs as a natural remedy

This is a plant that contains antiviral properties so use it to cure herpes is a good alternative.

Your internal and external use of this plant will help strengthen the immune system and eliminate all types of viruses that attack our body.

Take one to two cups of lemon balm in the day will help heal these lesions on your skin. You can also use it as a compress and apply directly to blisters.

This plant to been used for different treatments that have to do with different types of viruses. Lemongrass contains a large load of vitamins that help cure herpes of the skin with its antiviral properties will take care of removing all dead cell that is found in our body.

Cat's claw
This plant has a great ability to boost immunity in our body. Take an infusion of this herb achieve the sores heal faster healthy and can also use the infusion of this plant as a compress on the affected areas.

Now that you know that cures herpes do not hesitate to make your own home remedies with these plants and herbs that are very good for health.

Especially by the great power they have to eliminate all types of viruses that are attacking our immune system.