How To Naturally Treat Diarrhea In Babies

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It is possible to naturally treat diarrhea in babies, provided the causes and recommendations known to take into account.

Diarrhea In Babies

How to feed a baby with diarrhea
There are alternatives that allow us to treat diarrhea in babies naturally. But before applying them is very necessary to take into account certain recommendations. If the diarrhea is severe, does not improve, it is accompanied by fever or malaise, as well as other digestive symptoms such as vomiting is essential and priority to go to a health center that is valued the State's baby.

Diarrhea can compromise the correct state electrolyte of the body, producing a severe dehydration, that in severe cases we must not hesitate and we must go as soon as possible to a medical center.

In the case of an infant with diarrhea following these natural tips
For more specific and moderate cases these children with diarrhea natural solutions can help us:

  • If the child with diarrhea is less than 6 months and still not entered the supplementary feeding milk should change. There are numerous formulas adapted in the market, sometimes with a simple change of milk, children digest it better and returns to regulate intestinal transit.

  • If the supplementary feeding has been introduced this limit duration of diarrhea. Given only fruit should consist of Apple and banana. In these cases, it is best to perform the preparation by hand and choose ripe bananas. The rice porridge are an excellent choice because rice absorbs water in the intestine and stool size increases along with his consistency.

  • Probiotics are another option to take into account. Its natural preparations that contain strains of bacteria present naturally in the body. To eat them we again balance the intestinal flora and regulate traffic. To give probiotics in children under 3 years old is essential to have the approval of the pediatrician.

  • In diarrhea related to teething, among others, the use of homeopathy can give an excellent result. For this purpose, it is essential to let us advice by a homeopathic therapist since the remedy to be used varies depending on the individual characteristics of the child.

As you can see there are many options for treating diarrhea in babies naturally. But it is essential to recognize that severe cases require immediate medical intervention.