10 Tips To Prevent And Cure a Sore Throat And Mucus

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Sore throats and mucus can appear for different reasons, as suffering from a cold, sudden changes in temperature, continuous exposure to cold air, forcing the throat, etc. Singers must prevent and reduce this type of pain that his vocal cords are in perfect state, and thus can sing well. It is very important that you follow these tips to learn how to sing safely while the singing course

Sore Throat And Mucus

Here are 10 tips or simple remedies that relieve, and even reduce, the mucus and discomfort caused by sore throats.

1 - Drinking much of the time, never cold water, helps keep our throat hydrated. It is recommended that, for example, at the end of sing a song, drink several sips of water, although the ideal would be to drink plenty of water throughout the day. We must also avoid all kinds of cold and alcoholic beverages; alcohol can dry the tissues of the throat, causing its irritation.

2 - Drink or gargle with the following ready: the juice of five lemons, add you three or four teaspoons of honey. We can add a little water to thin the mixture to get a texture that you like, and even sweetened it a little (for example, with Stevia). The best would be to go drinking this prepared throughout the day, giving small SIPs and trying to be the longest time possible in our throat. Also we can gargle some throwing her head back.
The acidity of the lemon RID mucus (e.g. phlegm) and the honey soothes the sore throat.

3 - Squeeze the juice of one lemon and add a teaspoon of baking soda. Gargle with this mixture every 4 or 5 hours. You can substitute the juice of lemon for a glass of water.
Lemon, as well as have lots of vitamin C and undo the mucus has antiseptic properties. Sodium bicarbonate is antibacterial and has a powerful antacid, since baking soda is alkaline (has a pH of 8.4), thus neutralizing acids potentially strong that we irritate the throat.

4 - Squeeze the juice of one Orange and add a raw liquefied or crushed garlic clove. Drink this preparation immediately, since the vitamins of Orange rust minutes after being squeezed.

5 - In a glass of warm water, dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt and gargle with this drink make.
The salt dissolved in warm water helps to neutralize the acids in the throat, alleviating the burning sensation, and mucous membranes are less irritated. In addition to neutralize acids, gargling with salt water helps to remove the mucus, increase blood flow and you can help reduce the inflammation in the back of the throat.

6 - Avoid the tendency to cough or clear your throat. When we cough, we do the vocal cords are friccionen and are irritated. We occasionally take pills for sucking (specifically indicated for sore throat) or candy, in order to keep your throat hydrated always.

7 - Not smoking or exposure to gases of chemicals (like bleach or ammonia used to clean) is highly recommended if you want to avoid the throat become irritated us.

8 - Do not go to bed right after eating, since to make digestion may "get" the gastric juices and burn and irritate our throat. To avoid this problem, we must wait two hours before going to sleep or we can sleep with a pillow that lift us a little chest (without passing us, so it hurts us back).

9 - Control the humidity of the atmosphere can help us to avoid the irritation of throat dryness. Sometimes we sleep with your mouth open, and this causes to dry us throat and become irritated us. What we can do is to place a humidifier in the room, as well as avoid (where possible) turn on the air conditioning.

10 - Take breaks. Relax the throat and take adequate rest is essential to cure voice. If you have irritated throat, stop singing until you cure, thus preventing it from getting worse by exertion. An exercise that can be done to relax the vocal cords is hold on the tongue with the fingers of both hands and gently pull it forward.