The Dangers of Holding Farts for The Health That You Should Know

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Here is the danger of holding farts. Fart, or flatulensi, is a system of natural gas from the exhaust of the intestine, through the sinkhole Anus. Gases contained in the fart is carbon dioxide, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur and methana.
The Dangers of Holding Farts for The Health That You Should Know

Fart carelessly, used to be a quasi material, even material of the criticism, because it is considered as an act of not demure, in violation of decorum. Whereas, fart is a sign that your digestive system healthy and working well. No wonder if the post-operative patients, the very presence of a fart, waiting as an indication that her digestive tract is back to normal.

Healthy people, usually doing flatulensi or fart each day. With an intensity of up to 14 times a day. Fart, usually present when want to defecate, cold, consume foods that contain lots of gas, and constipation.

The Dangers Of Holding Farts For Health
Fart is not a toxic gas. So, if held down will not have a negative influence directly on the body. Just hold your fart can give sense of discomfort, such as:

1. Constipation
Farting gassy that indeed should be issued. If farts were arrested, then it will lead to a buildup of gas in the intestine, so abnormal dilation occurs. Well, this is the thing that causes constipation.

2. The stomach Feels Full/Begah
Sustainable effects of restrain the fart is a feeling of discomfort in the stomach. Stomach feels full result stack gases and fiber nestling should be wasted, but accumulates in the intestines. As a result, the stomach feels full or begah.

3. The smell of your breath is not Tasty
Gas that is stuck in the gut will diffuse in the blood and spread throughout the body. Well, the gas that was caught by the lungs, will come out along with the breath. So, can cause the smell of breath, which will interfere with Your performance.

Well, that's the danger of holding farts. Instead of wanting to keep the image, and can disrupt your health. Hence, you should not hide it. But, maybe you need to find the right land, to do the ' disposal ' of that gas. Choose a place with good air circulation, for the typical aroma of anticipation You fart.