Causes Of Hair Loss in Women

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Women are very attached to their hair then lose her hair can be a traumaticexperience. Indeed, there are 2 types of hair loss. Hair falling in large quantities on ashort period or slow and continuous hair loss. If regularly find you your hair on thefloor or you feel that your scalp is less dense, not panic there are treatments anti hairloss. They present themselves in the form of oral or well intake in hair care. For thebio of you, it also offers natural remedies at the end of article.
Causes Of Hair Loss in Women

The cause of hair loss
In women the causes can be many. Thus, one can list the stress, a hormonal disorder, and discolorations in rehearsals, a large, blends, or extensions. Usually, we lose 50 hairsper day. If it exceeds to threshold, should worry. Perform a balance blood to ensurethat you don't miss a vitamin D or of iron.

Hair loss prevention
Consult a doctor if you are prone to hormonal changes (menopause, contraceptionand childbirth modification). It to prescribe an appropriate treatment. You can alsobuy pharmacy of preventative treatments aimed to strengthen your hair to offsetfuture deficiencies.

Natural treatment anti hair loss
You can use beer yeast found in para. It is rich in vitamin B. various forms exist: acapsule or powder. The result will be the same. Count 3 months before you see realeffects, so be patient. Exceed not three times two grams per day. This treatment isrecommended in the autumn period of the year to which the hair falls much more.