How To Remove The Barcode ( Wrinkles In The Lips )

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From age 35 on the face begin to appear wrinkle and mark the lines of expression. These wrinkles are very unsightly for some people, why is that resort to treatments to eliminate or soften them. Brow wrinkles, Crow's feet and the barcode are the wrinkles that are more noticeable to reach this stage.

How To Remove The Barcode ( Wrinkles In The Lips )

The set of wrinkles is called that "barcode" (those vertical wrinkles that are located above the lips), are very apparent to the naked eye and stresses even more to perform some movement with the mouth.

These wrinkles are very common in women who smoke. The barcode is most stressed in women smokers because they perform a continuous with the muscles of the mouth to suck the cigarette smoke.

People want to look a young face for a long time and these wrinkle prevent that goal, but fortunately there are several techniques to remove these unsightly imperfections.

How to break with the wrinkles of the lips?

There are several techniques to remove the barcode. The most important include:

BOTOX (botulinum toxin)

Botox is derived from a bacterium. It has several uses, in addition to smooth out wrinkles, it is used to treat excessive sweating of the hands and armpits (Hyperhidrosis).

Botox is excellent to make less visible wrinkles above the lip. A syringe with a very fine needle is used to apply it to prevent damage to the skin. This paralyzes and relaxes the muscles and not allow these stretching, which is in that moment occur when when the wrinkles.

The results are excellent and it may look smooth skin without wrinkles in the area of the lips. This effect lasts approximately 4 months and must be to inject the toxin past that time to keep the results. The application of botox is not painful, due to that the needle is very thin, only occur some discomfort by prick. The surgeon will apply ice to reduce these nuisances.

This treatment has side effects that can last a few weeks, among them can produce symptoms similar to influenza, pain, swelling, headache, stomach upset... Anyway, to be small amount of botox which should be injected, these symptoms are likely to not appear.


The treatment is called Yag Laser and delivers fantastic results in just one session without having to suffer pain or discomfort.

After having protected the eyes of the patient, the surgeon local anesthesia and using a machine that sends pulses of power over the area above the upper lip. The objective of these energy pulses is vaporized the first layer of skin and thus remove soft wrinkles. After the meeting zone will be swollen and very red, but with the passing of the days a new skin will form and the redness will go desapariendo.

It is important to avoid exposure to the Sun during the post operative.

The yag laser renews the skin without applying any other product. It is ideal for the wrinkles that are just beginning to appear above the upper lip. If you have more wrinkles in the face you can take advantage of the session and remove all the wrinkles at the same time.

Facial massage

Those wishing to remove the barcode without making a surgical treatment can be done with massage in the area. Clarify that the results are not even similar to those who provide previous treatments.

In the massage you can use a cream with lifting effect for better and faster results. Apply the cream in the area. With clean hands, place thumbs inside the upper lip and finger index gently pulling outward. Repeat this massage for 15 minutes, every day.

It is important to be consistent, as we say, the results are not as satisfactory as most professional treatments, but if you realize that massage every day you can get some good results over time.