The Benefits Of Using a Good Perfume

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Fascinated by the majority of women use perfume because it gives us a different air, strengthens our personality and makes us feel safer and more attractive. Each of us have a number of favorite scents that we often use depending on our mood, the season and the occasion. Throughout history, the perfume has been used for many reasons and has proven to be a very valuable asset for women both in the past and in our days. And although the perfume is a luxury and not a necessity, its popularity grows each year.

The Benefits Of Using a Good Perfume

This growth and interest in perfumes is motivated by different factors, which we shall enumerate.

Effect In Our Brain
One of the most important benefits that have perfumes is the positive effect that produce the different aromas in our brain. Each odor, whether natural or synthetic, emits a series of particles entering through the nostrils of our nose. Our nose contains a large number of receptor neurons that take this smell and send a message to the brain that lets people both recognize the smell how to identify where that smell is coming from.

These aromas awaken in us different reactions and generate us different stimuli ranging from nostalgia to fill us with energy. There are studies that claim that the ability to smell (sense of smell) has a positive impact on people and it has shown that people who have no sense of smell have a life less happy and less pleasant and less full than those who can enjoy different odors.

Memory Of Loved Ones
The aromas evoke memories and this aspect can mean something very important in human behavior. Many of us feel happy when we smell a fragrance that reminds us of a beloved relative, a friend or a spouse. It is interesting to see how when someone used a perfume with some frequency, his friends and family begin to associate that smell with that person. It is also interesting to see how the same perfume, in two different people has a different smell.

It Says A Lot About You
The perfume you choose also indicates or transmit to people something about you, helping you to consolidate your personality. A perfume communicates things about you that surround, just as it does carry designer clothes, the car you drive, the hairstyle or the bag you carry.

The fragrance you choose endorses and supports your personality. The most common is that those who are extroverted choose strong and noticeable perfume and shy people prefer is soft and sweet fragrances that make them go unnoticed.

Sexual Attraction
On the other hand, the scent also has an important role in increasing the sexual attractiveness of a person. Sexual attraction is influenced by certain smells that are not detectable. Produce these odors of pheromones, which are chemicals that generates our body in a natural way and whose objective is to attract the opposite sex. For this reason and to increase the "sex appeal", some brands of perfumes added artificial pheromones to their fragrances.

Currently it is still in discussion whether these synthetic pheromones have the same effect on the opposite sex that have natural pheromones. Leaving aside the issue of pheromones, what is proven is that if you put a perfume that exudes a sexy smell, call more attention and you pass more positive feelings than if not take it.

Aside from these benefits that we have listed, use a special perfume is something that we like, is fun and makes us feel safe, attractive and suggestive. After all, carry a good perfume is part of our personality, and choosing a good, lasting fragrance, which represents us and that subtly changes with the passing of the hours, and which adapts to the natural scent of our skin is as important as choosing clothes, shoes or accessories we carry.