4 Amazing Benefits Of Eating At Night

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How many times have you heard someone say that if you want to lose weight you should not eat at night? Eating late is a sure recipe for finish gaining weight? Despite what you may have heard in this regard, the answer about if it is OK or not eating at night is not entirely clear. In fact, eating certain foods at night can speed up your progress toward achieving your fitness goals. The physiological truth is that it does not occur anything magical when the clock strikes the 20 or 21 hrs. So, where does this rule on the physical state? People are usually less active at night, indicating that they burn fewer calories. In addition It seems that the dinner time is the time in which people would be at greater risk of consuming more calories than necessary. Looking at TV one eat a lot without realizing it and according to A. C. Nielsen, 66% of Americans watching TV to dinner, so you can take your own accounts. And if you think that your healthy eating habits because this will not affect you, think again. 

benefits of eating at night

A study of 2011 published in Appetite showed that the people controlling their diets and calorie intakes are more likely to be influence by the content related to television foods, which makes that they consume more calories. Eating at night isn't bad as long as it is done in good circumstances. The problems are unconscious intakes and junk food. If you come to the conclusion that you usually eat unhealthy snacks without realizing the night, then yes it is important that cuts the calories that you eat that night. With that said, here are four surprising strategies of intakes at night that can help you lose weight and improve your performance in the gym.

1. a dinner Low glycaemic index tonight can help control blood sugar tomorrow

Start your day on the right foot is not something that begins just sleeping well. In fact it is something that starts before the dinner. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that what you eat the dinner can affect the way in which you eat breakfast the next morning. The findings showed that people who ate a low-Glycemic dinner the night before was better able to regulate sugar in blood after the breakfast the following morning. Optimize blood sugar control is not only important to improve the loss of weight, but for your health in general.

For a dinner that will help you to better control your blood sugar in the morning, try mixing carbohydrates of low-Glycemic as lentils, black beans, sweet potatoes or your favorite green vegetable with a lean source of protein, like chicken breasts of chicken, lean steak or salmon.

2. not all carbohydrates will become fat if eat them well late at night

The exercise is the activity in your life that has the greatest impact on the way in which your body processes and metabolizes food. When you exercise, your body changes what it does with the food that you give. These changes preferably direct nutrients to recovery, so during the next exercise your muscles will absorb more carbohydrate. This will happen no matter the time of day in which you find yourself. But like many people refrains from eating carbohydrates at night for fear that accumulate as fat, even if they have exercised.

Not to eat after a workout, especially after one hard can slow your recovery and your results. Within 45 minutes of training, one of your nutritional priorities should be get the fitness that helps you and your muscles become stronger and better. You not saltees carbohydrates, like potatoes and bananas to recharge the energy your muscles reserves, so that they are ready to be used when you're ready to train again.

3 eat carbs at night may help control hunger

A recent study found that eating carbohydrates at night can help you control your appetite during the day. In a study of 2011 published on Obesity and Nutrition, Metabolism & Cardiovascular Diseases, researchers put to make one of two diets that prepared 63 men and women obese police officers. The first dietary plan circulated the intake of carbohydrates evenly during the day officers, while the second plan concentrated most of them at dinner time. The findings showed that participants who ate the largest part sde the carbohidartos night expererimentaron changes hormolanes that reduced their appetites.

The ability to control hunger is a key strategy to achieve to be successful in losing weight in the long term. A preliminary study on weight loss in the long run, published in The New England Journal of Medicine found that appetite of body sensors do not adapt if you eat less over time. In addition, the study found that hunger hormones remain high for at least 18 more then started the diet. So that as your goal of eating fewer calories is becoming less during your diet, rather than separate a small amount of carbohydrates in several meals, can benefit you concentrate them at the dinner.

4. eat protein before going to bed can help you tone muscles while you sleep

A myth about intakes before sleep indicates that you do not digieres food while you sleep. This could not be further from reality. While you sleep your body does work: your heart pumps blood and your lungs carry air. Eat strategically before you go to bed can help you optimize your efforts to tone muscles. Bodybuilders have incorporated long meals rich in protein casein, as milk, cheese, yogurt and protein powders, before bedtime to help increase the production of muscle while they sleep. Investigations now support this practice.

A study of the 2012 published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, found the protein consumed immediately before going to bed to help growth, repair and maintenance of muscles during the night, your training recovery. To speed up the recovery of your fitness sessions, eat a bowl of Greek yogurt or a Smoothie with casein before you go to sleep at night.