How To Avoid Hair Loss In Women

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For a woman, hair loss can become a difficult problem to assume and a great source of complex: decline in sex appeal, loss of self-confidence... Fortunately, it is possible to prevent and avoid or even slow down hair loss.
Why hair fall?
How To Avoid Hair Loss In Women

The hair following an unchanging growth cycle. They grow by one centimeter on average per month. In general, we lose 30 to 100 hairs per day. Fine and curly, more fragile, hair fall more easily than thick, smooth hair. Their fall becomes more important with age, in spring and in autumn, because of hormonal disorders, after childbirth or during a period of intense stress. Vitamin and iron deficiencies as well as a too rich in fat and balanced diet can also be triggers of the hair.

How to avoid hair loss?

Have a balanced diet
He must make sure to have a good diet that provides all the nutrients needed for healthy hair. Choose fresh foods rich in protein and iron. Regularly eat fish, legumes, or dried fruit. A B vitamin cure will also strengthen your hair and help repel in the best conditions.

Avoid aggressive hair treatments
Some overly aggressive hair products using has adverse consequences for hair that may even cause their fall. This is the case of straightening products that contain a high level of ammonia. Some smoothing products are also composed of assets that refine the hair shaft and weaken it. Frequent use of iron to straighten or curl the same effect. Finally, do not have the habit of washing your hair with hot water, prefer the warm or cold water.

Protect her hair in summer
The hair is stronger in summer, but the Sun, sea water and pool water are all factors of aggression that can make them dry and brittle. It is therefore important to protect them with a waterproof protective oil before bathing, and to apply an after-Sun care after washing hair with clear water to remove chlorine.

Use of fall protection products
You can coat your scalp with a fall arrest lotion that you will be expressly recommended by your dermatologist. Don't let you not be seduced by eye-catching ads of products miracles that bloom in trade. Also, be aware that fall shampoos do not act against the alopecia. However, they can be of some assistance insofar as they are softer than conventional shampoos. They are also formulated to be more moisturizing in order to strengthen the hair. Some have a volatizing enough covering, ideal effect to give volume to the hair made too thin by the fall.

To avoid bargaining alopecia, not too often tie your hair up. Elastic draw on the hair shaft. In some cases, regrowth is practically non-existent. This may result in a receding hairline to the temples.

Relax and unwind
Although not having a psychological cause, hair is enhanced by stress. We must therefore find a solution adapted to your temperament to evacuate. Do sport or a martial art for you fun and stress relief. The key is to get rid of the professional or emotional tension that weighs on you and which slows the regrowth of hair. A restful sleep is also essential to fight against alopecia.

A massage of the scalp
To help hair to grow back in the best conditions, make it a habit to a massage of the scalp. This will stimulate the blood circulation and restore tone to the root of the hair. To do this, simply place your fingers of hand and side of your head and exert light pressure taking care to avoid triggering friction and friction that may raise the hair. Then perform circular movements. Relax at the same time.