How to Hide the Teeth Apart

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How to hide the teeth apart

It is known as diastema and refers to the separation between the teeth, especially between the upper incisors. For many, having the separate teeth is of complex and hides the smile until a solution; for others the diastema is even attractive. Anyway, in this article we show to hide teeth apart.

1. Although in recent years the dental diastema has passed trendsetter of style and beauty, thanks to such famous mouths like Madonna or Vanessa Parades, who wear the separation of their teeth quite charming, the fact is that dentists around the world receive thousands of visitors a year to try to correct the separation of the incisors and there are several techniques.

2. Diastema is common that the child be given in time, while the teeth moved. The fact is because the size of the pieces of milk and new teeth mismatch. However it is common that as we grow, our dental distribution will "normalize" until it disappears completely.

3. If the diastema persists, it is very flamboyant and affects many pieces at a time; one of the handiest techniques is that of orthodontics. The placement of a dental appliance corrects the problem, but should be the dentist who checks after a clinical examination how to correct the dental diastema, depending on the pathology present.

4. If orthodontics is the most suitable solution for you, remember that there are very advanced techniques such as Envisaging or invisible braces that will correct your teeth without being noticed you wear a dental appliance placed.

5. When the spacing between teeth is small, the specialist can choose to change your offer dental aesthetics with a simple touch with composite. This is the same material used to seal and fix cavities. In one session and a completely safe procedure, the dentist will close the space between your teeth through the application of this resin.

6. In cases of more importance, you can also reap the benefits of the use of porcelain veneers. These thin pieces, the dentist will end your diastema without braces on teeth. You only need to superimpose on each piece fine enameled plates. Before you can attach them, if you wish, choose the tone of your smile and look really white teeth.

7. The crown can also serve to conceal the teeth apart, especially if it is also correct most damaged parts. Actually the process is simply placing a porcelain jacket on the tooth in question.

8. Another more aggressive, but equally valid technique as appropriate, would be to use dental implants and in this case would be to replace the parts in question by bolts screwed and covered with a porcelain crown.

9. But while worrying about how to hide the teeth apart, you know that the fashion now is to look diastema and specialists and they find clients who come to your queries to separate their teeth. You see, it's a matter of taste.

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