How to Make Your Teeth Whiter

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Yellow teeth can be caused by many factors, such as smoking, drinking coffee, poor hygiene and even simple aging. Many dentists offer teeth whitening services and there are kits available that allow you to whiten at home. However, by cleaning teeth with malice acid found strawberries, you can whiten teeth cheaply and easily, according to Although not as effective as a professional treatment, the use of strawberries combined with baking soda is a quick way to whiten your teeth.
How to Make Your Teeth Whiter


1 Blend strawberries with a fork until a pulp.

2 Add baking soda to the strawberry puree and mix until blended evenly.

3 Put a small amount of mass in your toothbrush and spread on your teeth.

4 Let the mixture sit on your teeth for 5 minutes.

5 Brush your teeth and rinse the mixture. Use dental floss to remove seeds stuck in your teeth.

Tips & Warnings

Rinse your mouth after applying this treatment to ensure that there is no remaining acid.