10 Benefits of Watermelon for Health

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Watermelon, fruit taste sweet and rich in water in it is suitable when consumed in hot air. Besides being able to refresh your body, watermelon high in vitamins and minerals that have a number of benefits for health.
Benefits of Watermelon for Health

Here are the health benefits that you can get from consuming watermelon as offered from indiatimes.com.

1. High water Levels in the watermelon can menghidrasi your body. So drinking the juice of a watermelon in the day shining is a good idea.

2. Watermelon contains lycopene which is very good for the health of your bones. Lycopene may also lower the oxidative stress in the body.

3. Potassium in the watermelon was able to maintain calcium in the body.

4. In addition to the good for bone health, lycopene is also helpful to increase the blood flow in the body.

5. The Citrulline is an amino acid in the watermelon which is beneficial to reduce the buildup of fat in the body's cells.

6. Because the phenolic compounds have as triterpenoid, and carotenoids, flavonoids, then watermelons help reduce inflammation and can neutralize free radicals.

7. Watermelon serves as a natural diuretic that can increase the flow of urine without making the kidneys work hard.

8. Potassium is present in watermelon capable of working as an electrolyte that is good for the health of nerves and muscles.

9. Content of beta carotene in the watermelon which turns into vitamin A when consumed can produce pigments in the retina which protects from damage eyesight.

10. High in vitamin C in watermelon are able to boost the immune system and speed up the healing of wounds.

That's the health benefits you can get from consuming watermelon. So there is no harm if you provide these berries in the fridge as your healthy snacks.