How To Make A Natural Oil Mask To Overcome Hair Branching

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The homemade hair treatments have the power to moisturize the hair, fill it with glossand smoothness and seal split ends.

How To Make A Natural Oil Mask To Overcome Hair Branching

The best? That you enhance the beauty of the hair using nothing harmful to the health, economic, and natural ingredients.

On this website we are committed to use the homemade hair treatments to put an end to the split ends, which can ruin any look when they are not beautiful, hydrated and sealed.

  • Half a glass of almond oil
  • Half a cup of coconut oil
  • A shower Cap
Steps to follow

1. Mix olive oil and oil of coconut in a pot.

2. Heat the compound for a few seconds until it is tempered.

3. It extends the oils on the hair ends performing a soft massage that penetrate the best in hair and hydrate it the most.

4. After a few minutes, roll the hair in a bun and cover with a shower Cap so that the hair can finish absorb oils and take advantage of all its properties.

5. Leave the oils to soak on your hair for about 30 minutes.

6. After half an hour, take the shower CAP, rinse the hair with warm water and wash the head with the hair products you use on a regular basis.

7. Homemade hair treatments made with coconut oil and almond are perfect for sealing the ends open due to its moisturizing and repairing power.

8. Put into practice this natural beauty trick once a week and remember not to apply the oils on the scalp if you do not want to grease it.