Natural Foot Care For Diabetics

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Because of diabetes, can be caused by damage to blood vessels and nerves in the legs, then circulatory disorders and infections may be formed on the foot without people realizing. This may eventually lead to major complications and even amputation. Diabetes also impairs your immune system so that diabetics are more susceptible to infection. Those who suffer from the disease should have regular foot examinations by their doctors and should know whether or not they have nerve damage.

Natural Foot Care For Diabetics

To prevent and check if there is a foot injury you have to get into a routine that checks and take care of your feet, this is especially important if you already have the nerve or blood vessel damage or current foot problems. Here are twenty tips essential nature to keep your feet healthy:

1. Check your feet thoroughly every day.

2. Clean your feet daily in warm water (this test with your hand) with natural soap, dry them thoroughly to prevent fungal infections.

3. Protect your feet constantly wearing well fitted, comfortable but sturdy shoes.

4. Never walk around without some kind of footwear to protect your feet.

5. Clean, dry cotton or wool socks are also a good way to protect your feet from pressure points and bacteria caused by perspiration.

6. Always apply a foot cream that contains natural antibacterial agents to the soles of your feet after bathing, avoiding the skin between the toes. Diabetics may find that the skin on their feet dry and cracks easily which could potentially leave them open to infection.

7. When cutting nails always soak the feet in a good foot soak that have antibacterial properties in it to soften the nails and wash away bacteria and dirt from the nails. Remember to cut the nails straight across with a nail clipper, because curved nails are more likely to become ingrown.

8. The use of natural soft foot scrub can smooth small rough areas before they become a problem.

9. The exercise promotes good circulation so that it runs every day and do not sit in one place too long. Easy exercise is to make a circle with your feet ten times in each direction, keep your feet still as possible.

10. Sit down with your feet elevated for 10 minutes will also help your circulation.

11. Regularly massage your feet, this will also stimulate circulation.

12. If you notice pain or any type of infection, see your doctor for treatment.

13. Stop Smoking. It is terrible for the circulation and your health in general.

14. Bunions and corn has been removed by a professional to avoid infection.

15. Regularly cleaning the bathroom with natural cleaners and spray a little diluted tea tree oil around the drain.

16. To keep your feet warm in bed wearing loose, comfortable cotton or wool socks.

17. Always make sure your feet are kept at a comfortable temperature, avoid cold feet.

18. If you have pain in your legs look podiatrist or your doctor immediately.

19. Using foot powder.

20. Follow a healthy diet and lifestyle; this will help prevent problems and complications.