What Exactly Is This "Gestational Diabetes"?

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Gestational diabetes is a temporary condition that occurs during pregnancy. It is one of the top health complications that a woman has to face during pregnancy. Indeed, the double curse!
What Exactly Is This "Gestational Diabetes"?

If the woman had gestational diabetes during pregnancy then she is most likely to pass it on to children. So, if a woman had gestational diabetes during pregnancy, there is an increased risk of developing diabetes of mothers and children. Proper knowledge about this condition, go to effectively control with diet and exercise. After the baby is born, the mother and child both shut their original health.

One problem gives room to a series of problems. The main risk is the birth of the baby fat. A condition known as macrosomia. The baby through the birth will have its own problems, a common medium shoulder damage during birth.

Some basic precautions must be taken to prevent the risk of gestational diabetes. It is taking the road to natural methods again! Make a point to lose weight if you are overweight. Be careful and picky about your food, and above all, do exercises regularly. This type of diabetes is a temporary condition, a passing phase, that occurs during pregnancy.

There is another risk to the baby. It may experience respiratory problems.

The exact cause of gestational diabetes is not yet known. But there are some clues and possibilities, why gestational diabetes occurs! It is insulin resistance.

Baby, such as growth, supported by the placenta. Hormones help develop the baby. But the hormone also perform destructive actions. They block the action of insulin in the mother's body. Mother's body found it difficult to use insulin, so her insulin requirements rose by 300% and gestational diabetes are the results!

Caution is needed to combat gestational diabetes, concerning the health of the mother and baby. The choice of food is very important. This will have a beneficial effect on the health of your baby's growth. If you are fit and healthy, the risk of birth Caesar could also be avoided.

In many cases, it has been found that gestational diabetes leads to type II diabetes later.

Do exercises regularly even during pregnancy, but only after consulting your doctor. This is a formative period for you as well as for the baby. Proper exercise gives strength to your body and act favorable to the growth of the baby inside.

Closing the door in the face of diabetes, even if he admitted that it was only the pregnancy. Inappropriate wicked grace.