10 Tips That You Should Keep In Mind For The Perfect Makeup

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Makeup is a key element in any woman, however, it is essential to know how to apply it to get the best out of it.

This is why that kiss me, presents you 10 tips from makeup experts that, once you learn them and use, you'll look make-up in a professional manner.

Tips That You Should Keep In Mind For The Perfect Makeup

1. Bye dark circles
What you have to do to hide them? Most importantly, clean your face with a cleaning lotion, then apply a moisturizer with antioxidants and vitamin A, C and E in the dark circles to diminish inflammation. It is very important that you wait to cream to act for 15 minutes.

After these steps, it is applied the makeup. The correct and suitable product that serves to cover dark circles is the corrector. Apply a few drops of the spell in this area and with the tip of the ring finger gives small taps to cover dark circles; it extends gently from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye. Don't forget that it is of utmost importance, apply small amount of concealer, otherwise, can spread out and you can see extravagant.

2. Not to the bright face
We all hate having bright face, however, this is a problem that hurts those who have mixed skin or skin fat. There is a trick to remove the shine from your face and is apply a pre-basic, a product that not all known or used, but which has many benefits.
The pre-basic applies before the base, especially in those areas prone to sweating as the forehead, nose, upper lip and Chin. This product unifies the skin color, so that it not only reduces the sweating of the face fate and facilitates the makeup last longer.

3. Outlined perfect
For a makeup at night, the best are the liquid eyeliner. Maybe it seems that applying it is very difficult, but we recommend placing a mirror face up on the table so you can look good. First, it delineates the line where are born the lashes with eyeliner pencil. Then, using that line in pencil as a guide, draw the outline with liquid eyeliner.

4. A lipstick that lasts hours and hours
That we leave the House with the red and perfect lips, but arrived at the party and have no labial has passed at all. So this not you again pass, we recommend apply a little based on your lips before putting the lipstick. The base helps lips makeup is concentrated and lasts much longer.

5. That your eyes will be the center of attention
So your eyes are completely irresistible, once you've applied eye shadow and eyeliner, you can not forget this trick: apply a little bit of white or light grey shadow on your lid fixed and blend it through the area with a brush or your fingers.

6. Completely long eyelashes
The dream of all is to have bulky and long eyelashes and to achieve this, you need a curling iron, with only the classic mascara you can create that effect.

To apply it in the right way, place a mirror face up on a table so that you can see your tabs in detail. Take the brush of the mask and apply it slowly from the base of the eyelashes up. Zig-zag movements are very key because this, prevents the Floc.

7. Lips
To ensure that your lips are irresistible, use a lip gloss or transparent color gloss. The key is really apply it only in the center of the lips, to make them look naturally great.

8. Perfect eyebrows
Eyebrows are an essential part of the make-up and also must be perfect: depilated, defined and combed. It is very important that the area underneath the eyebrows is completely free of hair after hair removal with tweezers.

If you don't have an eyebrow brush, brush them with a brush of pestanina that is clean to define them.

9. Cheeks without blushing, nothing to do
The blush on the cheeks can not miss. We recommend pale colors - like the pale pink, peach and 'nude' - for the day and more intense shades of Pink for the night. You must also take into account the rest of your makeup. If there is a correct way to apply blush is with a brush, from the "apples" that form on the cheeks when you smile in a slight movement toward the hairline. It is important to gradually extend the blush to make it look natural.

10. Eyes sexy and strong
For this type of makeup, you must apply, preferably black, shadow on the eyelid and smudge it gradually to the eyelid, creating a smoky effect or gradient. It comes with intense eyes outlined or a delineated vanished to complete the look