Where to Get Diabetes Supplies

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Diabetes has slowly crept into the lives of almost eleven million Americans who have diabetes and are aware they have the disease, and up to seven million Americans who are unaware they have diabetes. Added to this glaring number of diabetes-stricken Americans are the millions more who are in the prediabetes stage.

People with diabetes have more chance to survive the disease if they know how to manage diabetes and they have the financial means to support the medicines and other supplies needed by people with diabetes.

Getting type 1 diabetes usually depends on your genes even though not a very strong risk factor. Obesity and age, but the risk factor in getting diabetes type 2. However, no matter how old you are, if you are obese and have a history of gestational diabetes, have one or both parents with type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure, it is best to have yourself checked for diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes is generally found in children while Type 1.5 diabetes is the name given to diabetes found in adults. Adults with type 1.5 diabetes is characterized by a slower attack on the beta cells compared with vicious attacks the beta cells in children with type 1 diabetes Type 2 diabetes, insulin the body can not control blood sugar levels.

There are several ways to test for diabetes, including glucose tests that measure blood glucose levels and oral glucose test. Glucose test is best performed after at least 12 hours of fasting.

The main concern for people with diabetes is how to control their blood glucose levels in such a way that they can reduce the complications associated with diabetes. Thus, monitoring a person's blood glucose level is always a must for people with diabetes. Controlling blood sugar levels is to choose the type of food you eat and drink the right medicine.

Someone who wants to control his diabetes should have all the necessary supplies on hand if he stays at home or he travels. Diabetes should always ensure that the supply of insulin is not exposed to extreme temperature changes. Diabetes is also more prone to foot problems so he had to take care of his feet by using comfortable socks.

Other supplies essential for people with diabetes including blood glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors, glucose tablets and gels.

If you have diabetes, make sure that you have your supplies wherever you go. Also tell your housemates or officemates about the possible store where they can buy these supplies in case you have an emergency. Always lurking for stores that sell supplies for diabetics in the home or office, or where you often go. And if you have to travel, make sure you bring more than enough because you never know what might happen. Also check if the places you will go on to have several stores that sell the supplies you need.