Pregnancy and Acne Treatment

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Have you seen all the ads Clearasil or Oxy 10 completely blemish free teen grinned and told me about how they skinned perfect it results from the use of the product? It does not seem like an over-the-counter and acne solutions available on a large scale could be a threat to anyone, but if you're a pregnant woman, you should be aware of some things. There are many acne treatments available and safe to use during pregnancy, many of them are natural and available right at home. On the other hand, many manufactured products should be avoided during pregnancy.
Pregnancy and Acne Treatment

It should be noted first few acne during pregnancy is fairly common among women. During the first trimester, as the body prepares itself to provide for two, hormone levels increase and cause a rise in body oil production. The result is acne flare-ups. The good news is that it is usually clear by the second trimester as the body begins to plateau in hormone levels.

Two of the most common ingredients found in most of the majority of acne treatment is benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. It has been tested and determined that benzoyl peroxide is safe for women to use during pregnancy. However, it has also been determined that the salicylic acid which is taken orally, such a pill, have been known to cause birth defects and may complicate pregnancy. Women should be careful when choosing a product to use, such as products containing benzoyl peroxide will often contain salicylic acid as well.

So what about the topical application of salicylic acid? Not been proven that it will cause birth defects or pregnancy complications, but as a pregnant woman who knows now that salicylic acid is taken orally potentially dangerous, do you really want to run the risk? Some acne treatment products that doctors have recommended pregnant women should avoid are retinoid, oral retinoid and Accutane. Retinoid are a form of Vitamin A can cause birth defects in children Unborn. There is no evidence that topical retinoid taken dangerous, but then again, why run the risk?

For new mothers desperate attempt to treat the skin, there are many safe and natural way to fight acne. Of course, before she began a new treatment they should consult their doctor or obstetrician. Some of the products that mothers can safely use topical Echinacea, lavender essential oil and tea tree oil. But there are also things that are easier to do to control their outbreaks. Keeping your skin clean by washing with soap and rinse with warm water to rinse of soap residue that can stay and lead block-up or break-out is one of the easiest thing to do for the extra care. Once your face is washed and rinsed, avoid choosing or popping stain to prevent scarring. It should also be mentioned that diet plays an important role in controlling acne. High fruit and vegetables in the diet female ratio should be maintained during pregnancy not only helps keep acne more clearly, but also for proper growth and development of infants. Apples and blueberries are both rich in antioxidants, making them fruits are very good for taking to prevent future outbreaks.

There are also a number of "housekeeping" treatments available. Masks warm oatmeal cooked without additives in it and applied to the face for about 15-20 minutes may begin to clean the stain as just a few days. Lemon that has been cut in half and put on acne is another possibility. Uncooked natural oatmeal, garlic, olive oil, mashed potatoes and sugar water is warm even how to fight blemishes and prevent new ones from forming back.

So mom, if you find yourself going through them frustrated outbreaks during pregnancy, have a little patience, tried to go to nature, eating a healthy diet low in fat and preservative-free foods, and stay away from all the manufactured products that claim to cleanse your face in five days or less.