Adult Acne- Causes Of Adult Acne

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Acne and teenagers
Most of us believe that acne is to for teenagers. This is true largely because of hormonal changes during teenage cause’s acne. But acne occurs in adults and sometimes severe. Know more about it so that you can prevent it.
Adult Acne- Causes Of Adult Acne

Adult acne-causing
Sometimes many adults who have no acne in their earlier years get acne. It is as if since acne saved them during adolescence, it comes during adulthood. Hormonal changes during adulthood may cause more sebum production and resultant acne. Hormonal changes in women may be due to pregnancy, birth control pills etc. Some athletes and others take anabolic steroids to build their bodies. Which can cause adult acne. Medications such as lithium, drugs for tuberculosis etc. can also cause adult acne. You will need to talk with your doctor and find out if the drug regardless of the cause.

Acne Mechanical
If you bring some object, or wearing very tight clothing of synthetic material in a way that causes pressure and friction in the same place for a long time, you may get acne during adult years.

Working with chlorinated solvents can cause acne. It is called chlordane.

Adult acne-treatment
Adult acne is more difficult to treat than the acne that occurs during the teenage years. Please follow your doctor's prescription regularly and get rid of adult acne, otherwise it will not only affect you psychologically but also cause lifelong scars.

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