10 Paths to Conquer Asthma

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10 Paths to Conquer Asthma
Asthma is a condition where a person experiences because certain stimuli narrowing of air conditioning parts and difficulty breathing. Treatment for asthma should be done under the guidance of a doctor and should be planned carefully. The key lies in recognizing the causes and managing the condition that you are in control of the situation.

Treatments include:

1. Preventive action where you avoid situations that trigger symptoms.

2. The practice of meditation and exercises to strengthen the air passages and lungs breathing.

3. Exercise regularly to keep fit and to strengthen your heart and lungs.

4. Use air conditioning this will reduce exposure to air born pollen and other triggers.

5. Keep the environment free from dust mites, pet fur, fur and feathers by regularly dust and decontaminating mattresses, pillows, sofas, throws, rugs, and curtains and coverings.

6. Use inhaler consists of three types: aerosol inhalers; breath-actuated inhalers; and a dry powder inhaler. This contains a drug in aerosol form to provide immediate assistance.

7. Drugs such as short acting beta agonist namely salbutamol and terbutaline are first prescribed. Alternative medicine long acting beta2 agnostics like salmeterol or formoterol or antimuscarinics like ipratropium or oxitropium. In layman terms asthma medication is of two types of medicines anti-inflammatory and sympathomimetic. Common drug Albuterol, Altrovent, Pulmocort Repulse.

8. Where a combination therapy with long acting steroid medications prescribed. Alternately, a combination of ant muscarinic and short acting beta 2 agnostic is used.

9. The use of special equipment such as peak flow meter which will warn you about the impeding attack inhaler and spacer which will ensure efficient disbursement of medication.

10. Allergen Immunotherapy where the patient is desensitized to the allergens that cause asthma like smoke, grass, grass, pollen, dust, mold and so on. Similarly, patients were tested for food allergies that trigger attacks and treated for them.

Research shows that the best option for the patient to maintain a dairy and record when and why the attack happened. This will provide a clear understanding of triggers. Then the next step is to create an asthma management plan with the help of your doctor. To strengthen the mind and spirit patients are often asked to join therapy groups that talk about fears, problems faced by asthmatics, personal experiences, and work together in the breathing exercises and other regimens to strengthen their bodies.