6 Truths about Ayurveda

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# 1 Ayurveda drug is less effective.

Truth: It is true that this method of treatment calls for more patience and perseverance. The effectiveness can be cited by this example.
6 Truths about Ayurveda

Whenever there is a tear in the fabric or a hole in a pitcher, we intend to improve the use made of the same material. Similarly any fault in human body also calls to be corrected by the use of natural resources, as much as possible.

# 2 Ayurveda medicines slow in showing results.

Truth: The irony lies with the delay from patient's side. Most patients visiting holistic practitioners take their time to try another drug system to obtain faster results. This not only delayed the effects of drugs, it also inhibits the action of the drug. This is because the patient has either tried much more complicated and powerful combination of drugs, the effects of which need to be neutralized first. Or in the meantime, his disease has become substantially in the form of chronic rooted and taken. Maybe sometimes shows works slowly, but as the fable goes slow and steady wins the race.

# 3 Ayurveda medicines have side effects.

Truth: The side effects of drugs, any therapy, may result from the misuse of drug, either in processing or in the recipe. As far as side effect or after effect is concerned, I believe time tested safe drug given the former two factors right. Safety Ayurveda medicine and mode of treatment may be advisable in 3 cups.

1. In Ayurveda the first principle in treating the disease is to do away with the basic cause, and also to see that no new diseases emerging as a result. Disease eradicated from the roots.
2. Ayurveda insists that medicine patient-centered, rather than on the disease. Mind, body and soul are considered a tripod and medicine is prescribed for overall health augmentation.
3. since Ayurveda related to preparations mainly from herbs and natural resources, it is a harmless therapy with little or no side effects.

# 4 Ayurveda medicines are for older patients.

Truth: There is no known limitation in this form of treatment. It is equally suitable for all age groups. Ayurveda could be considered a boon for children when their body system is yet tender, and in the process of building immunity. Natural products do not interfere with his endurance and at the same time tend to be more secure and comfortable.

# 5 Ayurveda medicines are just an alternative.

Truth: Ayurveda medicine system is incorrectly cited as an alternative therapy such as this has always been the most ancient and complete system of medicine. It existed before the birth of other medical therapies. The word Ayurveda itself derived from 'Ayahs' which means life and 'Veda' meaning science. Therefore, Ayurveda is a complete science of life. It is a treasure to give everyone a life full of health, vigor and vitality.