3 Lessons From The Biggest Loser

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Throughout the world, night, millions of people were glued to their TVs - but not to watch the latest soap, or CSI. Not to watch Jay Leno or Sex in the City. Did not see who outwits, outlasts and outplays other in Survivor. No - they were fascinated by the efforts of a small group of obese people who are trying to overcome the effects of years of overeating.
Lessons From The Biggest Loser

It is no wonder that so many people are seeing compulsive. Obesity is the new epidemic. Child lumber fat around the school play while their overweight mothers fill shopping carts with the wrong choice. Then ... they sit in the evening to watch The Biggest Loser. They see a dramatic weight loss and surprising new body shape began to emerge. They want the same results - and they began to think it might.

But who has four or five hours a day for exercise? Capable of a personal trainer several times a week? And who have the luxury of their own personal adviser on smart food choice and caloric content? The answer is: not many. But you have to remember that this is television: this is a situation that is false. As the players keep reminding themselves and the audience: "This is a game. You have to make the most of your time here - it would be much more difficult to get out in the real world."

ITU difficult in the real world? Maybe. But you can take a lesson from watching this reality. You can make it work for you, as well as to participants. Here are three practical and useful lessons that you can put to use immediately.

1. Enter the first weight.

Biggest Loser household in weight comes first. Creating come first in your home, too. Sounds simple, does not it? This matter. In fact, so simple that many people just ignore it. They try to fit exercise and meal planning around everything in their lives, not make it a priority.

Think: what is most important: getting the weight off and be fit enough to put years on your life - or watch another TV show? Sit down with a pen and paper and allot at least an hour a day to plan a menu, record what you eat and do some form of exercise. You still have 23 hours left to do everything else!

2. E is for exercise - and enjoy!

What else do you notice in the household Biggest Loser? The more they practice, the more they seem to enjoy. Oh of course, they grunt and they groan; they sweat and they complain. But as weeks go on, you will hear them say things like: "I never thought I would say that I hope to work-but now does not feel right if a day goes past without exercise!"

The secret to enjoying exercise is finding what is right for you. If you do not really enjoy the gym, look for other forms of exercise. You need a mix of cardio and resistance training - but not necessarily on the machine. Walking, swimming, dancing, climbing the hill, pushing a cart in the park ... there are endless options that can be fun for you. Study what happens to various muscle groups - and your heart - when you exercise, and choose the activities you'll enjoy.

3. Identify triggers.

Emotions run high when the contestants have to face their demons. Weight loss is rarely of only physical causes. If you keep a food diary, and faithfully record not only what you eat but when (and why) you eat, you will soon see a pattern of emotional eating. What triggers you? Boredom? Fatigue? Family argument?

Once you have identified these triggers, you can begin working on strategies to defeat them. This can be as simple as challenging yourself every time you want food. ("I'm hungry - yes or no? If I'm not hungry, then why do I want to eat? I really only thirsty? If I was running to the fridge because I'm angry, is there something else I can do to feel better? There is a long-term solution that will fix this forever? "And so on.) If you are not yet ready to tackle the root causes, and then prepared food that will not add to your problems with the resulting rolls of fat. Make sure that you have food 'good' in hand - but also foods that you like.

These are just three of the lessons that anyone can take away from watching The Biggest Loser. And you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are doing it alone.