How To Clarify Hair With Honey

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Since the dyes contain chemicals that can damage the hair, many people are looking for how to clarify hair with natural products. How to clarify hair with honey

How to clarify hair with honey

At home beauty tricks we know how important that is to wear a hair healthy and beautiful for the vast majority of women.

This is why that, then we will explain steps you must follow to know how to clarify hair without damaging it and only using home remedies using ingredients from nature.

  • A glass of honey
  • A spoonful of cinnamon powder
  • A lemon
  • A spoonful of coconut oil

Steps to follow

1. Cut the lemon in half.

2. Squeezing one of its parts to convert it into juice and saves the rest of the fruit in the fridge to use it or consume it on another occasion.

3. Get a container and enters inside the lemon juice, honey, cinnamon and coconut oil.

4. Mix very well all the products to become a kind of mask.

5. Applied the compound on your hair from root to ends by performing a soft massage.

6. Leave to act for an hour while you take the Sun.

7. After that time, wash your head using the products that you use on a regular basis to have removed the remains of this natural mask completely.

8. The honey and cinnamon contain hydrogen peroxide in small amounts, a substance which, accompanied by the lemon, it will help you to clarify your hair.

9. The coconut oil, for its part, will keep your hair moisturized and avoid that product from drying out your hair.

10. Put into practice this natural trick that teaches us how to lighten the hair once every 15 days until obtaining the desired tonality.

The qualities of this natural beauty trick are as follows:

  • It gives us the opportunity to clarify our hair tone without using dyes or chemicals that can dry out the hair.
  • It is inexpensive and easy to prepare.
  • It moisturizes hair and full brightness due to the wetting properties of honey and coconut oil.
  • It emanates a pleasant scent.