How To Repair Damaged Hair With Yogurt

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Know how to repair damaged hair becomes very important during the summer, a timein which the Sun, the sea salt and chlorine in swimming pools wreak havoc on hair.

How to repair damaged hair with yogurt

To return you to your mane all the beauty that had before of being subjected tothese climatic agents, we invite you to try home remedies such as you will find in thispost.

A perfect natural recipe to fill the hair shine, softness and hydration in a simplegesture. You have no excuse for not knowing how to repair damaged hair!

  • An egg
  • Half plain yogurt
  • A shower Cap

Steps to follow

1. Separate the yolk of the egg-white and stay with the first.

2. If you wish, you can use the yolk to produce other home remedies.

3. Whisk egg white into a kind of foam.

4. At that time, add half yogurt and fine removes both ingredients for mixing and ahomogeneous paste.

5. Then divide the hair into several sections and apply the mixture on each of themfrom root to ends.

6. Once you have used all mane with this mixture of yogurt and egg, cover your headwith a shower Cap.

7. Leave the product to act for about 15 minutes.

8. After that time, rinse it with warm water and wash your head with the products youuse on a regular basis.

9. The yogurt and egg mellow after your hair and will keep you hydrated and verynice.

10. Now that you know how to repair hair damaged in a simple and natural way,remember to practice this trick of beauty home once a week to obtain excellentresults.