How To Make Face Masks With Strawberry

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Face masks made with Strawberry are really wonderful, because they have the powerto illuminate the skins off and opaque in a matter of minutes.

How to make face masks with strawberry

Fresaademas face masks, if you decide to prepare masks for the face where this colorof passion fruit is the protagonist, will also have the opportunity to enhance yourbeauty in a simple, natural, and very economical way.

So, if you want to prepare masks for face-based strawberry, takes note of this beautytrick home and follow the steps below. And to show off a beautiful skin!


  • 3 strawberries
  • A spoonful of honey
  • A lemon
  • A spoonful of unsweetened natural yogurt

Steps to follow

1. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze it to convert it into juice.
2. Get a tablespoon of lemon juice and pour it into the inside of a bowl.
3. Done this, clean the strawberries, remove the tail and crush them with the help of afork to give life to a mash.
4. Enter the strawberry puree into the same container in which you have previouslyplaced the lemon juice and add the yogurt and honey.
5. Remove the ingredients with a spoon to mix well.
6. It extends the resulting mask over clean face doing a gentle circular massage fromthe neck to the front.
7. Let the product sit on your skin for 15 minutes.
8. Finally, rinse with plenty of warm water and apply a tonic and a moisturizing cream onthe skin according to your type of skin.
9.Face masks made with Strawberry have the power to illuminate the complexion dueto the citric acid and high doses of vitamin C present in this red fruit.
10. In addition, the strawberry also contains antioxidants which prevent premature aging, as well as acids which exfoliate the skin to remove dead cells and leave the face soft, smooth and free of blemishes and pimples.
11. The lemon juice, on the other hand, will help you reduce stains and fight acne, while honey will go you wonder if you want to soften the skin and moisturize it to the maximum.
12. In terms of natural yogurt, this will take care to clean the face in depth and eliminate impurities.
Put into practice this trick of beauty home once a week.