Some Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets

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We give you some secrets of beauty anti-age today in girls with style.

Some anti-aging Beauty Secrets

Skin care
Clean daily (morning and night) your face with a mild cleanser (avoid those that havehigh alcohol content and other agents that from drying out). This will keep your skinsmooth and free of elements that can block pores.
It applies humectants in whole face, neck, hands and legs two times a day. Exfoliatethe skin once a week with a gentle exfoliant. In this way you favorecerás the renewalof skin cells, getting a young, sensitive, healthy, bright and fresh appearance.

Carefully choose the products for skin care
Get to know your skin type analyzing your t-zone. So you can select the products thatwill keep you healthy and young. It's not used many cosmetics at once.
People who are in the second half of their 20's should use products with retinol,peptides and antioxidants. Retinol promotes collagen production; the peptidestimulates the production of collagen and cell repair; antioxidants protect the skinfrom UV rays and accelerate the regeneration of the skin.

Use sunscreen daily
This is the anti-aging experts recommend lately. It doesn't matter to be sunny orrainy, hot or cold days. You should not leave home without applying a sunscreen ofgood quality (minimum SPF 15) on any part of the body exposed.
Continuously exposed to rays UV generates damages on the skin, particularly inelastin, and causes loss of collagen. This leads to stains on the skin, wrinkles, uneventone, dry, rough skin and burns.

Never sleep
You must sleep at least for 7 to 8 hours a day. When you sleep, the adrenaline andcorticosteroids levels decrease and the body produces growth hormones. At this timeit is to occur the cell repair. If you're not sleeping enough, this function is affectedand eventually the skin opacity, wrinkles and facial lines.

Regular physical activity
Exercise is good for the body and mind. It improves circulation and ensures a healthyand vibrant skin. It also regulates the hormones and promotes sleep. Performs somekind of physical activity such as walking, jogging, dancing, ride bikes or the routine ofhome (cleaning, gardening, etc.) for 20-30 minutes a day. Aerobics and yoga aregood choices.