9 Acne Treatments That Definitely do Not Work

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Given that acne is by far the most common diseases in the world, I am always surprised at the amount of misinformation regarding acne treatments. There are so many commonly held believes regarding treatments, which have no scientific or medical validity, but continue to be passed from individual to individual. More worrying is the result of trying some of these options. Here is a list of common acne treatments that definitely does not work:
 Acne Treatments That Definitely do Not Work

1. Household products, even when diluted, should not be used to treat acne. There are severe adverse reactions including chemical burns from pursuing this route

2. Similarly powdered cleansers are not effective for acne

3. Washing up liquid does not work for acne

4. Home facial saunas will do nothing for your acne, but will certainly aggravate, already sensitive skin

5. Sticky tape left on the skin overnight and removed in the morning will certainly remove dead skin cells and excess oil, but tends to damage the sensitive skin, and can cause allergy to glue

6. Exposed to the sun or use sun beds will not help your acne, and can be dangerous if you are also taking oral medication of certain types. For example, taking certain antibiotics in tablet form, will make your skin very sensitive to sunlight

7. Sudocrem is an excellent treatment for diaper rash, but very effective for acne, primarily because it contains a mixture of fat and oil are bad for acne

8. Take high doses of vitamin A or B will not directly help your acne, and may cause other side effects

9. You squeeze Universal is not recommended in combating acne. Doing so will prolong and spread to other parts of the areas affected by acne

There are other 'not recommended' acne treatment regimes, many of which will worsen the already difficult conditions. Avoid these shortcuts and stick with a program overseen by your medical professional, or one that is based on scientific and medical evidence is solid. If you do this, you will succeed in overcoming your acne condition.