10 Fun Ways To Become More Active – Every Day

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You know you have to get some kind of exercise; you know all the health benefits that come with a more active lifestyle. You've tried everything Gym, but it is not for you. The temptation to just sit in front of the TV, curl up with a good book, or spend a little extra time on your computer is too large. Who wants to head to the gym now anyway?
Fun Ways To Become More Active – Every Day

There are many other options to get more active that does not include jogging, weight lifting or other means of "traditional" to exercise. Here are some ideas to get you moving

1) Chase your kids around Page
You'll be surprised how much work you'll get Play catch with your kids. Time will fly while you are having fun and your kids will enjoy the extra time with you. Just get out there and play.

2) Turn up the music and dance around the living room
While you are dust, put the dishes, straighten up the kid’s room, or after you've been sitting around for too long, just play some of your favorite upbeat music and dance around the house. Not only will you wake up your heart rate, but you will also have more fun, do some of these tasks.

3) Flowers
When the weather is nice, just get out there and plant flowers. Or you could start a little vegetable garden, cut some hedges, mowing the lawn, or planting trees. You get the idea. Just get out there, enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, and playing on the ground. Yes, this is really regarded as an exercise in our book.

4) Stroll with friends
A walk and invite friends to come. I had some of the best conversations while on the streets. Getting to chat with friends makes the time fly by, and before you know you've been running for 30 minutes.

5) Listen to music or audio books while you walk
Again, keep your mind something else will make the time fly and you will get some extra fun on your feet. You may even want to consider getting an MP3 Player. You can easily add what you want to listen and go for a walk.

6) sign up for yoga or Pilates classes
Considering starting yoga or Pilate’s class. Both are fairly low-impact exercise and will not leave you sweating and pain (mostly). You may also enjoy meeting some new people in the class.

7) Take some dance lessons with a partner
OK, here's the hard part: convincing your partner to take some dance lessons. Dancing will give you enough exercise and it is just plain fun and certainly romantic. Think about all of the choices here. You can choose from any of ball room dancing, Latin dancing, etc. on track. Choose something that sounds fun to you and go for it. You will enjoy an extra one on one time with your partner.

8) Go for a swim at the local YMCA or aquatic center
Pool made some great exercise. It is low impact and easy on your joints. Start with a swim in the pool or play with your children.

9) Go for a bike ride
Take the whole family to ride a bike. You can ride through your neighborhood at night or plan a longer trip for the weekend. Picnic for additional fun and start peddling.

10) Go for a hike
Looking for some hiking trails in your area and go for a hike. It can be fun activities for you and a friend, or take the whole family along. Start with a few simple lines and worked him up to a few lines longer or steeper.

Please, choose one or two activities and Get moving. I am sure you will come up with many versions of your own. The most important thing is to find something you enjoy, so you'll stick with it. Get out there and get moving today.