10 Tips to Have a Fresh Breath

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Keep your tongue cleaner
Brush gently with a soft nylon toothbrush after you brushes your teeth.
10 tips to have a fresh breath

Drink more water!
Dry mouth, the worse your breath gets

Keep calm
Stress makes it worse your breath!

Avoiding breath mints and / or gum containing sugar
It really makes you bad breath

Do not try to kill bad breath odors with other odors
This is what most companies care mouth 'big name' would have you believe works

Blow your nose more often
Your breath gets worse when you have a cold, allergy or post-nasal drip

Does not use mouth wash w / alcohol or toothpaste that has SLS?
Do you have any idea how many oral care products contain both ingredients? Here is a hint, almost all of them

Drink plenty of water when taking prescription medications
Many of the drugs that make your mouth very dry

Quit smoking
This will give you bad breath in a nanosecond, but only require 20 years to kill you!

And finally, The Best Way to eliminate and prevent bad breath?
Oxygenating Oral use the product clinically proven.

Do you know?

It is important that you probably do not know about bad breath:

In most cases (about 90%), bad breath comes from the mouth itself.

- Despite public opinion, bad breath rarely comes from the stomach.

- Most people can smell the breath of others, but have their own trouble smelling. So, if you think you have bad breath, you may or you may not. The bad taste is usually not a good indication. The best and easiest way to find out is to ask the adults in your family or close friends.

- In the mouth, the most common source of bad breath is the very back of the tongue. Food debris, dead cells and postnasal drip can accumulate there, and the breakdowns of proteins by bacteria that cause foul odors population. The second most important cause is the bacteria that break down proteins between your teeth. By the way, gas and other molecules that produce toxic bacteria and can harm the gums as well. Two reasons to floss every day (if you do not believe me, the smell of the thread)...

- Bad breath usually increases when the mouth is dry. Chewing gum for 4-5 minutes at a time can help.

- Generalizations mouth worked for only a few minutes one. Try gargling right before bedtime for best results. Some researchers recommend alcohol-free mouth rinses.

- Eat breakfast delicious and healthy cleanse the mouth and back of the tongue, get saliva flowing, and may be good for you.

- Some people (perhaps 5-7% of the population) have experienced loose 'small stones' in the mouths of those who had a foul odor. This is called 'tonsillitis'. They partially calcified, filled with bacteria and developing shining in the tonsils. They are quite smelly, but it does not always lead to bad breath (again, you have to ask someone).

- In most cases, bad breath can dramatically increase or eliminated.

- Youngsters or two or three can have bad breath from postnasal drip, dental plaque and throat infections while. However, if they develop a sudden offensive smell that seemed to come from all over their bodies, ask the doctor to check whether they put something in the one hole.